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A collection of past projects in industrial design and interactive art that helped me grow into the designer I am today. This page is intended to be a collection of snapshots so I won't be diving into my role and details for each of them. Scroll to see more if you are interested. (Warning, it might be a little long)


A 3d printed lifestyle object born from the curiosity of the limitations of 3d printing.

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Exhibited and published at:
2016.03 — MATr, NUS Open House
2016.01 — MATr, Singapore Arts Museum
2015.03 — MATr, Triennale Design Museum (Milan Design Week)
2015.04 — Page 28, 灯的狂想曲 - Lianhe Zaobao
2015.04 — Singapore Design: The Alchemists Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2015 - designboom
image of product
image of product taken apart
image of product on display


Interactive light installation

installation explanation
installation title


In collaboration with Suntar Filtration

current water filter changes we made
proposed water filter design

Other Projects

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